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IP Communicators and 21CN Upgrade Solutions for UK ARC’s and Installers
Our client hardware devices and server software technology allows Installers and ARC’s to tackle the problem of digital communicators failing over VoIP and 21CN head on. We have been able to build on precious experience gained from overseas markets and provide the most cost effective, Installer friendly solutions in the UK.

Don’t let your Customers get caught out by VoIP or 21CN!

Alarm Monitoring and Signal Transmission Methods are Evolving
It’s no secret that the days are numbered for PSTN and Redcare. There are many dual path solutions on the market to upgrade your existing Redcare Customers – but what about Grade 2 systems with Digital Communicators ?

The simple fact is that they have been overlooked and most companies are holding back to find out just how much they will be affected by 21CN. Unfortunately, as BT explain in their 21CN Trials document, the problem is not just with 21CN. Carrier Pre-Select and local loop unbundling means that an increasing number of core networks used for the transmission of alarm signals will be VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – often without the knowledge of the Installer or Customer. History has proven that digital communicators (digicoms) or alarm panel modems are unable to RELIABLY transmit their signals over a VoIP network. Both VoIP and 21CN are based on the SIP protocol, so it is inevitable that 21CN will start to suffer the same issues once the network is placed under load. As a large number of Customers already have an Internet connection available, it makes sense to tackle the issue now rather than wait for the dreaded FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE

Imagine how a Customer would feel if they were to suffer a break-in that did not receive a response due to a communication failure only to find out that both the Installer and ARC were fully aware of the potential issues with VoIP and 21CN.

Digicom IP Upgrade

The Linksys ATA is s digicom upgrade device that interfaces with a panel modem or digital communicator and transmits signals over IP.

21CN Migration
Lowest cost IP upgrade for panels with modems or digital communicators.


Linksys Spec (ARC)
Linksys Spec (Installer)
Linksys Install Guide
Diginet Spec
Diginet Setup Guide
The problem with 21CN

View the online PowerPoint presentation of the Verified Response Platform for a graphical overview of using alarm signals from IP Alarms adapters to trigger video recording of any make and model of IP camera.

Digicom Replacement

The Diginet is a digicom replacement device that interfaces with the ATE outputs and transmits signals over IP.

Diginet IP Communicator
Easily overcome the problems of VoIP and 21CN and resume trouble free communications with your ARC. Ninety second polling and sub 1 second transmission speeds are just two of the advantages of swapping out that tired old digital communicator.

Why your alarm fails to work using VoIP

A VoIP service provider has control over the network settings (namely the audio codec) between your VoIP adapter and the number you are calling. Understandably, the VoIP provider only cares about providing crystal clear human voice for their customers. Twin Casino Unfortunately, they do not care about alarm monitoring, and it just so happens that many of the technologies used in providing clear human voice have a deteremental affect on alarm signal transmission.

When the VoIP service provider is taken out of the equation, what you are left with is a “raw” Internet connection. Using Linksys VoIP equipment at the protected premises and a software based Virtual Receiver at the Monitoring Center, in effect you have your own private network – a “controlled” path to the Monitoring Center. Even though the data still travels over the public internet, you have full control of the optimisation technologies and you can adjust them to suit how an alarm panel and alarm receiver are designed to work – not a human voice.

Another very important reason to remove the VoIP service provider from the equation is that they become another link in the chain between your alarm panel and the Monitoring Center. VoIP service providers are well known for taking their servers down for routine maintenance and it is not uncommon for them to be offline for days at a time. Many have only a single server, meaning there is no redundancy in place for when things go wrong.

In summary, using “off the shelf” Linksys VoIP equipment that is provisioned for alarm monitoring as opposed to human voice, it is reliable to send alarms over the Internet.

Redundancy Options

For many, it is acceptable to use the popular low cost Linksys PAP2 or similar device to provide an “IP Only” solution that relies 100% on the availability of an Internet connection. It is essential to understand that alarms will not get through to the Monitoring Center if the internet connection is lost or in the event of power failure where all network equipment is not connected to a backup power supply.

For those who are not prepared to rely totally upon their Internet connection, one step up from this is the use of a Linksys SPA3102 VoIP ATA. It has an FXO port that can be connected to a PSTN (POTS) line or to a cellular alarm backup device so that the alarm panel has an alternative transmission path in the event of Internet or power failure. These devices can be provisioned in such a way that when the alarm panel dials the primary number, alarms are sent over the Internet. If that process fails, the panel will dial it’s secondary number and the alarm will be sent out of the FXO port and over the PSTN or cellular network. Slot Machine

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